2nd Party Audits

The number of suppliers which the companies work with under the current competition conditions are increasing and it is getting more difficult to check those supply chains day by day. In order to conduct the audits on the suppliers professionally and efficiently, a wide auditor pool costing high amounts is required.

Providing the abovementioned process externally will reduce your costs and also increase the efficiency of the audits.

Proks Belgelendirme can conduct the audits by taking the criteria you preferred into consideration in order for your suppliers to protect and develop the standards you determined for them.

Benefits of 2nd Party Audits:

  • To validate or authorize a supplier;
  • To have a supplier network which is mainly suitable and operating consistently;
  • To meet the expectations of the customers;
  • To protect and enhance your brand(s); and
  • To have more sustainable relations with the agencies and customers.
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