ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Several institutions question how they fulfil their duties for their business partners and environment and how they apply energy productivity today. Besides, the states impose obligatory applications for the commercial institutions in order to enable necessity and continuity of the energy supply for reducing the energy consumption. The applied energy productivity system against those expectations will give the relevant institutions prominence within a potential competition environment.

Energy Management Systems is a management system standard designed for the requirements, management, application, and maintenance of the energy. It is aimed to improve the energy performance continuously and to ensure energy efficiency.

The most effective way to reduce energy losses and increasing costs for the institutions is to reduce energy consumption. The best way to achieve them is the Energy Management System providing a systematic perspective on the energy management. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard ensures that the institutions create processes and systems which are required to increase energy efficiency, the implementation and sustainability of those processes and systems. The standard includes all energy types. It encourages all institutions to have effective energy management, cost reduction and environmental awareness.

Who Needs Energy Management System?

Regardless of the size or location, any kind of institution operating in the private or public, production or service provision sectors can apply the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard. The most popular ones are as follows: hospitals, banks, energy producers, chain stores, industries and production operations etc.

Benefits of Application of the Energy Management System

Energy consumption is reduced with the help of the applied projects.

Costs of energy consumption are kept under control and reduced.

It facilitates your compliance with legal obligations by reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The use of current devices and equipment is kept under control and information about performance is obtained by monitoring energy consumption.

It increases efficiency and ensures compliance with the laws.

The negative environmental effects caused by wastes are reduced.

It increases the prestige in the society related to energy awareness.

It enables making savings on resources in case of integration with current management systems.


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