ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices Management System

It is a quality system which includes the rules for the production of drugs, raw materials of drugs, medical equipment, diagnostic products used in medicine and foods.

It includes protective measures related to internal and external conditions related to the institution in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. It is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of those products and it is a series of techniques which must be applied continuously in the stages of raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage and distribution to ensure quality in products.

Who Needs Good Manufacturing Practices Management System?

All food producing companies, pharmaceutical companies, companies producting metal tools and equipment used for humans and animals, and cosmetic companies can obtain the Good Manufacturing Practices Management System Certificate (GMP).

Benefits of Application of the Good Manufacturing Practices Management System

It provides convenience in international trade.

It ensures that various contamination, confusion and mistakes are prevented during the production processes.

It ensures continuous follow-up for the product, production in the best way and reaching to the user in the most suitable way.

It increases the image of reliability and provides a competitive advantage in the market.

It enables compliance with the legal requirements.

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