Halal Food Certificate

The concept of “halal food” means “food allowed in accordance with the Islamic rules” (the Codex Alimentarius Commission) and defined as “a product which does not contain any prohibited elements in accordance with the Islamic rules; is prepared, processed, transported and stored in places or devices free of those elements; and is not in direct contact with any food produced outside of those conditions during the preparation, processing, transportation and storage stages”.  

Halal Certificate is a certificate provided for the products which are prepared in accordance with the Islamic rules (Shahi, Maliki, Hanbeli and Hanefi sects).

Who Needs Halal Food Certificate?

Halal certificate is necessary for the Muslim consumers to produce acceptable food and consumable products. It includes 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and millions of other people who prefer halal food.

Benefits of Application of the Halal Food Certificate

Halal certificate establishes an impartial observation and traceability structure inspecting products, additives, preparation and processing methods, cleaning, hygiene, sanitation and health conditions in accordance with the strict safety requirements.

It ensures that the produced product and the producer are recognized, preferrd and promoted in countries with Islamic beliefs.

It helps institutions take part in global fairs, in the structure opened in regulatory states.

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