AS 9100 Aviation Quality Management System

Although the AS 9100 standard is based on the ISO 9000 (ISO: International Organization for Standardization) series as in other quality management standards, it explains the safety and quality conditions required by the aviation industry where there is a high safety damages in detail.

AS 9100 is the Quality Management System requirements standard for those designing and/or manufacturing aviation products. Those standards concern institutions involved in the aviation industry and engaged in design, production, maintenance, storage and distribution operations.

Who Needs Aviation Quality Management System?

AS 9100 standard is a document which can be obtained by the institutions, the main field of operation of which is to provide maintenance, repair and total services for commercial aviation and military products, and hardware manufacturers or manufacturing/production operations completely different organization. It has been prepared with the unique conditions required by civil/military aviation and space operations by developing the ISO 9001 standard, adapting it to the sector, testing and approval.

Benefits of Application of the Aviation Quality Management System

It is an indicator of independent external audit and additional security requirement and credibility.

It enables the institutions to increase their image from the perspective of the customers, employees and company partners.

It provides new market opportunities by increasing the marketing opportunities and competitiveness of the relevant institution.

It reduces risk and fatal error rates in products and services.

It provides continuous improvement and international development opportunities.

It provides a common language for dealing with the customers and suppliers around the world.

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