Proks declares and guarantees that:

  • Non-objective interpretations and assessments will not be made, all kinds of behaviours which may affect the customers adversely will be avoided, they will not behave prejudiced and intolerant, and they will behave objective and independent within the scope of the certification and audit procedures;
  • The management and the employers will not carry out any kind of operation contradicting with the independency of the certification procedure, they will work independent from all kinds of commercial, financial and other pressures which may affect the results of the certification procedures;
  • The members of the Objectivity Protection Committee, Certification Committee, and Objection and Complaint Assessment Committee will carry out their operations independent from all kinds of commercial, financial and other pressures;
  • Any kind of certification institution will not be certified for provision of certification services;
  • The employees and persons acting on behalf of it will not provide consultancy services for the certified institutions;
  • The institutions which the owners are one of the partners or are involved in any way will not be certified;
  • Any kind of privileges will not be provided for the associations, communities or non-governmental organizations etc. which the owners are one of the members; 
  • Internal audit offers will not be made for the certified customers and internal audits will not be conducted for them;
  • They will follow the current accreditation legislation in order to protect the confidentiality of the information obtained during the certification procedures at all levels, including the committees and persons acting their own behalf;
  • Information related to a certified institution or a special product will not be disclosed to the third parties without a written consent of the relevant institution, and in case it is disclosed to the third parties in accordance with the laws, regulation or notifications, the relevant institution will be informed about it;
  • All kinds of documents and information related to the certified customers will be protected;
  • They will cover all kinds of legal compensations in case of proven damages arising from their acts;
  • The financial sources which are necessary for conducting certification procedures will be protected continuously and maintained;
  • The provision of services will not depend on the size of the applicant institution or its membership to any kind of association or group or number of the certified institutions;
  • All relevant parties will have access to the provided certification services, any kind of unnecessary financial charges or other conditions will not be demanded, and all kinds of rules and documents which are required to be followed will be applied equally.

General Manager
Alper Öztürk

Proks Belgelendirme Ltd. Şti. Proks Certification +90 232 50201 26